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freaking awesome dood, great art, very funny, and even off topical, still great, btw i saw that dead space plasma cutter, nice bonus for the fans..

make more!

BaconSamurai responds:

OMG you noticed the plasma cutter! No one does...

what the deal

okay i agree with the billions who say so, this is not a flash animation but I'd rather my favorite website make a small real life video, with some nice 3d animation as opposed tot he alternate text update and advertisement for march 6th.

keep it up my heroes tom and dan.

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pure awesome

kick ass dude love it, can't ait to see the final version of your other movie/trailer your working on now.

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a very impressive game, well designe,d fun to play, and actually makes you fel liek your on acid, (not that i would know) only problem is it needs a good preloader, and maybe an ingame option to se "how-to play" and unless i missed it a way to send int he next row early so one does not need to wait. still freaking crazy-cool! (i can't se straight dood!)

I3UnGEE responds:

Thanks for the input, but there is a "How-To" button right above the "Play" button.

great art work

very fun little piece of artwork, (reason dress up games are even around is more art) but i must warn anyone playing, if you change who you're dressing up to Tom Fulp (last character) DO NOT i repeat DO NOT right clikc, and click "forward" and if you have too, NSFW

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very fun

an addictive ans simple the game which is the best kind of flash game, well designed, great audio, and all round amazing little piece, thanks for the fun! and hope to see more soon!

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I'm an amateur flash artist, learning the stuff ins school and applying what i learn to some fun little (yet no where near as professional as some on NG) animations, and maybe some of my custom tunes soon too.

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